OpenStack is big opportunity to orchestrate your Infra and speed up your service time. However, interconnect your original infra with this new brand solution could be struggling. Or even re-design your app/db to take full advantage of orchestration/automation features. Hypervisor compatibility.

Network/Security heads ups. We’ll help you with your migration strategy and easy this process for your business

  • Plan and milestones
  • Change managment
  • Support of the implementation
  • Document and design the best Migration strategy based
    • Identify quick wins on apps candidates to migrate
    • Check out how orchestration/automation features affect your those apps



Identify Infra components or applications as candidates to orchestrate/automated with OpenStack. Understand savings and benefits of using this emerging tech.

Assessment Report:

  • Identifying app candidates to migrate
  • Use cases for
  • Orchestration/Automation


Depenging on the use case, OpenStack can be consumed on different ways, understand the best fit to interfaceit, thru horizon in a self-service IaaS fashion; REST APIs to specific and repeatable processes; thru a PaaS relying on DevOps tools like heat and so on.

  • Document/Design new operation format
  • Configure orchestration/automation tools
  • Ramp up over the operation for the first 30 days


Not all OpenStack projects are required. every thing depends on the use case (i.e. multisite, bigdata, web portal, containers). Acquire just right what is needed and don’t add extra costs and complexity to your solution. Understand the differences between distributions.

  • High and Low Level design documentation.
  • Design orchestration/automation configuration processes
  • Support over Implementation (Sentinella OnCall)



OpenStack + VMWare / Hyper-V: Some applications like SAP have to stay on VMWare; or use Hyper-V to save costs in licensing like SQL. Take full advantage of OpenStack even under those HyperVisor techs.

  • Document/Design OpenStack over ESX / Hyper-V
  • Implement use cases configuring orchestration/automation tools
  • Ramp up over the operation for the first 30 days

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