Software Defined Networks

“Traditional network tools are configured manually and often use proprietary management interfaces” | MARKET REPORT | 2016 Cloud Automation and DevOps Report


Improve the security and service time of your network adding SDN. Workloads are no longer physical, don’t try VMs and containers like that. Start using micro-segmentation for all your end points even ones that are off-premises (i.e. IoT). Extend Continuous Delivery DevOps concept to Network/Security Functions:

  • Expose API to modify control net functions
  • Self-service Network Operations
  • Abstracting Network functions from hardware (Vendor Lock-in)

SDN will help you to Increase Collaboration between teams (DevOps & NetOps) and bring visibility of network functions in a easy-to-understand software constructs. Apply policies across private and public clouds.

  • Report: Identify benefits, use/business cases and quick wins.
  • Choose the right vendor and tech for your case (i.e. Hybrid Clouds)
  • Integrate Orchestration/Automation tools
  • Integrate Cloud Management Systems as VMWare / OpenStack / Azure.z

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