OpenStack clearly

Take control of OpenStack. take care of OpenStack processes, services and logs. If something goes wrong you will be notified instantly

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Real time notifications

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Logs aggregation


Receive alerts via


Check server vital signs


Plugins marketplace


Encryption and proxy support

How it works?

OpenStack components provide operational data

Our agent transforms the data into useful information measures, evaluate and notify problems

Not just a monitoring tool was built for OpenStack, collects both metrics and logs and is easy to setup.

FeatureDo it yourself
Built to backtrace OpenStack
No need to operate
Easy to setup
Metrics and logs collection
Agent extensible

Get level 3 support OnCall

 Our team will take care of OpenStack for you proactively with the information provided  oby

Contact support directtly from the app to follow your case will raise tickets for you when a problem occurs and you can integrate it with your service desk platform

Our team is Certified by the OpenStack foundation and has +5 years of experience operating and doing troubleshooting for OpenStack

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