DevOps Consultancy

Continuos delivery

We’ll drive you on this transition to adopt DevOps or “Continuous Delivery Practices”. Let us help you to address questions like:

  • How a “continuous delivery” collaboration cycle would affect my business?
  • Do I have to adopt all practices like sprints or even scrum?
  • How long would take to adopt it?
  • How would I start and from where?

Cloud app architectures

Design to fail” is easy to say and hard to apply. Your infrastructure will fail eventually (storage, network, compute). Why not to use Cloud to avoid any single point of failure or even a disaster? Define distributed services and infrastructure components to recover themselves. Failure no longer means a service interruption. with strategies lije geographical distributed architectures and multi-vendor cloud practices. We can design for you highly resilient web services:

  • Data store consistency and resilience
  • Automated scale up/down front ends instances
  • Orchestrated protection against DDoS and most common threats
  • Detect threats and automatically respond to threats

Best Practices and Transition

Have DevOps already or planing to have it soon? Don’t let transition take forever? Boost your operations and business much faster. Make your IT more dynamic, flexible and agile.

DevOps Practices:

  • Scrum and  Sprints
  • Orchestration
  • Automation
  • Self-Service


  • Fluent Collaboration inter-team
  • Fluent collaboration with other teams: Security / Network


Micro-services isn’t just an application architecture reference. It’s an important shift on culture, collaboration between operation teams and business.

  • Are you actually stressful that a failure in your IT services can break your business down?
  • Would you like your IT gets along with your business?
  • Looking for a more affordable IT operation no sacrificing resiliency?
  • Do you think your company has what is needed to adopt it?

“organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations”

Conway, Melvin E.
  • Low rate of Change
  • High cost of change
  • Low tolerance of disruption
  • High rate of Change
  • Low cost of change
  • High tolerance of disruption

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