04 Jan

A crowded universe of OpenStack

“Attributes Staff on Demand Staff on Demand is a necessary characteristic for speed, functionality and flexibility in a fast-changing world. Rather than ‘owning’ employees, ExOs (Exponential Organizations) leverage external people for simple to complex work – even for mission critical processes”

– Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations

Yes. Crowded universe. Distributed compute even among planets and space stations. Why not? Getting compute resources is many times much easier than some years ago. 3D printers will evolve to massively manufacture open compute everywhere. Bandwidth and latency will not be an issue anymore. Energy will be much cheaper – space stations show us that you can use sun energy to keep them working forever –

Along with all this evolution we‘ll evolve into other areas. Software is still pulling the innovation’s strings for hardware. And it seems that software depends on an engaged community to define its best course. OpenStack is the best example of it. Million lines of code sourced by a community of believers. Believers that code from everywhere – You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere (Yoda’s quote)-

Anyone should be capable to use OpenStack.

OpenStack will bring you the power to orchestrate whatever you want. Customers love that. People love accuracy and responsiveness. OpenStack is innovating cloud (orchestration, automation, geographical distribution…) much faster that any of the best of the breed products. However, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

OpenStack can’t be treated as a vendor out of the box solution. OpenStack changes constantly. More projects are added, some other dropped over the time. It needs a dedicated and committed talented team in love of technology and change.

Anyone, with a bit of experience installing OpenStack, knows it’s not perfect. Just getting insight into a project like Nova and Neutron you can see they were developed from different teams – functions and objects that are relatively doing the same things have absolutely different naming conventions between both projects –

OpenStack is a solid solution. Big use cases among companies like Walmart, Paypal, Bloomberg and BMW are evidence of that. However, not everybody can spend millions to keep a dream team supporting it and even collaborating code.

We are believers that we can take this amazing solution to companies that maybe can’t afford it so far. We believe all this interoperability that OpenStack is showing off can be used to increase its adoption among smaller or less specialized users. It doesn’t mean you will get less committed to it. It means you will speed up its implementation and you will be more confident to operate it.

Sentinel.la is a pledge of supporting people to adopt OpenStack.

We love how OpenStack is turning down conventional IT operation. Let´s us help you to discover its full potential and live what we love.

Our target is to get you into the most important value of open cloud platforms. A value that could bring unprecedented savings or additional revenue streams. The value of an agile response to an unpredicted demand. Boost your apps and IT services to bring what customers deserve to get.

We’ll bring you the confidence to start using OpenStack right away – just give us some weeks to get our first version online –

Sentinel.la will be securely and efficiently gathering relevant information of critical OpenStack components. Sentinel.la will bring an online status of every implemented project. What is actually happening inside? Analytics to understand what to do in case of any event or failure.

We’ll help you to get the best OpenStack experience. And in order to do so, we pledge to:

  • Deliver a hyper-scalable Every ingredient in our service is based on components with not limit to scale. From the databases to the very front-end.
  • Bring new features a fixes timely using as part of our design pillar the use of on-demand resources, which can go from online public services to open source. The objective is “how to write as less code as we can”. Of course OpenStack will be one of the core opensource projects in our service.
  • Boost interoperability. We love everything about DevOps. DevOps expect to have full management of any of our feature through RESTfull APIs. We didn´t expect less than this from any other product. Also, python will be our first choice of coding.

And because we love DevOps’ way to do things. We pledge to build our project on the following values:

  • Meritocracy. The different roles in our team are based on meritocracy. Performance will be based on actually work and commitment. The rule number one is “Have fun and love what you do”.
  • Trustworthy. Every member of this team is family and will be treated like this. If anyone run into issues or make a mistake trying to do its best, it will primarily find understanding and support from the team to work this out.
  • Obsessive Agility. Customers deserve a timely response to any problem and doubt. Any person of the team will manage the required information to bring this obsessive agility right away.


Finally, our mission is to help any mortal to unleash OpenStack at every corner of the universe. Help him/her to do it with confidence. Help her/him to get the sponsorship of their bosses and companies to show what OpenStack is capable of. Help her/him to do what we like most.

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